Things Someone Said – #2 – Jack Conte

Here’s a thing that someone said: “The web is a house. It’s a big, cold, spiritless house. And it’s the creators — the people inside the house — that turn it into a home.”

What a heck of a thing to say. 

The above quote is from a post by Patreon’s CEO, Jack Conte, in an announcement of improvements to his company’s product/service.

I love Patreon. I think it’s up there with Shazzam and Pocket as examples of truly revolutionary web-products (there are others, notably Google Search, Kickstarter, YouTube and Twitch). It empowers the random guy to become an artist and the random fan to sponsor content he loves. In doing so, it makes the world a better place.

I also love that Patreon takes a stand and is not afraid to upset the status quo; they publicly point out the flaws in the Display Advertising industry (that, to be honest, are an extension of the flaws that already existed in TV advertising) and go on to challenge it heads on, presenting the public (and more importantly, the creators) with an alternative. In a world that is so driven by profit and greed, it is refreshing to see a company being successful while doing some good.


Side note: I’m really enjoying writing these short posts about things that someone said.  I love just documenting inspiring stuff that people say. I think I’m gonna write a lot more of these!