Games Of My Life And What They Taught Me

This post is a nostalgia trip down memory lane, looking back at games I played and thinking of what they probably taught me.


Tetris was the first video game I ever played. It came in some sort of handheld device which ran on batteries that seemed to run out every week. Before you ask, it wasn’t a Gameboy (I never had one of those); it was literally a device with a tiny little screen in which you could play Tetris and Tetris alone.

Tetris Pieces
The version I played was in shades of gray; none of this colorful stuff!

Me and my brother played it obsessively. Since we only had one device, we took turns. I would always misplace the “Z” shaped pieces in the early game and that would always come back to bite me in the ass. So I guess that’s the first lesson I learned from gaming, as early as age five: planning ahead is always better than winging it (even if winging it is more fun). Continue reading “Games Of My Life And What They Taught Me”