Soundtracks are Underrated – Volume 3 – La La Land

It’s another day of sun here in our “Soundtracks are Underrated” column for in this edition we shall review the joyful, melancholic, lovely La La Land Soundtrack.

La La Land Soundtrack
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling would’ve made Blades of Glory a lot better!

Do you ever get to work on Monday and feel like you need some music to help put the week ahead into perspective? Well, La La Land is pretty much the right soundtrack for that!

Like the movie itself, La La Land is sometimes mellow and nostalgic with the piano keys taking you to places maybe all too familiar. For the most part though, it’s vibrant, colorful and full of hope. Songs like Epilogue are the prime example of this wonderful, nuanced, variance.

It alternates between songs performed by mostly Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and full orchestra performances conducted by Justin Hurwitz. If you are expecting a full on, 100% instrument soundtrack, then this is definitely not for you. La La Land is structured in a way more akin to Amy than Braveheart and it works better because of it.

While neither Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling are incredible voice performers, they both hold their own and deliver some top notch songs. Emma’s The fools who dream would’ve been a worthy winner of the Best Original Song Oscar (although I don’t feel too bad about City of Stars taking that one home). I expected more of John Legend’s single but that doesn’t take away from the rest of the album.

It’s the score of a musical that knows when to kick it up a notch by adding some swinging jazz to the mix. It sets you on a path with Summer Montage / Madeline only to then change direction and end somewhere else with Engagement PartyLike the protagonists in the movie, it follows its own course, at times on a high at times on a low. You will be enthralled by the journey.

This type of Soundtrack is not the kind that I would usually fall in love with but, after listening to it a couple of times, I just couldn’t put it down anymore. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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