Soundtracks are Underrated – Volume 1 – AMY

Welcome to the first volume of “Soundtracks are Underrated”, a column dedicated to highlight the coolest, funkiest, grooviest, moodiest, most awesome soundtracks out there!

To kick things off on a high, our first Soundtrack is going to be AMY from the kind-of-just-about-OK 2015 documentary about Amy Winehouse.

Amy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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The thing that separates this soundtrack from others is the fact that it’s made up of a mix of Amy’s live recordings, Antonio Pinto’s original compositions for the film and then a few random songs from other Artists (including Tony Bennett) that kind of round it up nicely. This mix was obviously crafted to go alongside the film but it works really well on its own too. This is particularly evident between tracks 3 through to 5, where you have Pinto’s work wrapping around Amy live on stage talking to herself about her dad…

I’ve been a fan of Pinto’s work since I watched Senna (there’s a playlist on YouTube if you wanna check that soundtrack out; it’s not available on Spotify). “Amy” is another collaboration between him and Director Asif Kapadia, who also directed Senna. These two folks seem to be well in sync;  just like in their previous collaboration, they once again capture the inevitability of the protagonist’s fate in a manner that builds throughout the entire playlist, like a lonely boat slowly drifting towards the epicenter of a storm.

I often wonder what Amy could’ve achieved if she hadn’t departed at such a young age. I guess that’s a question that most fans ponder on. By the time that “Amy Forever” comes around that question is more present than ever. The final rendition of “Valerie” that closes the album offers you a form of answer; you get to look across the water one last time, think of all the things, of what she would be doing and, in your head, you paint a picture.