Re-Imagining Soft Drinks At Home

The more I read about climate change the more I feel an urge to do something about it. It’s like an addiction that you really can’t shake off. Whenever you do something good for the environment, you immediately find yourself thinking about the next thing you could do.

I recently watched “A Plastic Ocean“, a powerful documentary that highlights the effects of plastic in our ecosystems and the damage it’s causing to mankind. This inevitably triggered a need to “do something about it”, which brings me to this blog post.

I honestly believe that a million small actions can change the world. Some people will ignore a plastic bottle tumbling around next to a bin because they do not believe it will make a difference if they pick it. I’m the opposite; if there’s a bin nearby, I have to pick it. I’m not some wacko who can’t stop picking rubbish from the streets but I can’t ignore the low-hanging fruit either. I don’t need to see the effect of my micro-action to feel compelled to do it in the first place. I know that by picking a piece of rubbish from the street I am *possibly* preventing it from my making its way to the ocean (which is a good enough reason for me).

I went on a slight tangent there, but the bottom line is this: I will try to effect change through as many actions as possible be it through how I act, how I vote, how I shop or what I write about. As an example of that, I’ve decreased my monthly beef consumption in an effort to mitigate my carbon footprint.

Today I want to share the latest ecofriendly initiative in my life: me and my girlfriend have decided to stop purchasing drinks for our household that are served in plastic bottles.

In our household, there are two types of plastic bottled drinks that we regularly consume: coca-cola and sparkling water. Because we still want to have soft drinks at home, we have decided to buy a SodaStream machine that essentially lets you make your own bubbly drinks at home. It looks like this:

SodaStream Bubble Making Machine

I love coca-cola and I do not intend to stop drinking it completely. But I won’t buy any of it if it comes in a plastic bottle. I haven’t researched whether cans are sustainable for the environment so until then, I won’t buy them for my household either. The cool thing about SodaStream is that you can obviously mix your sparkling water with any syrup you would like so I might try to make my own coca-cola at some point!

We usually mix sparkling water with Elderflower cordial so removing plastic from that equation is an easy win. We also already make our own iced-tea which has pretty much removed plastic bottled iced tea from our lives.

The benefit in all of this is not just for the environment. You can also save some money in the long run. As an example, carbonated water at Woolworths will range anywhere between AUD$1,20 and AUD$6,11 per Liter whereas Coca-Cola will range between AUD$1,25 and AUD$5,95 per Liter. Even if you factor in the cost of electricity, water and gas, you will still, eventually, recoup your investment. Not to say that that is the point, though. We are not doing this because it’s financially worth it; it’s worth doing for the environment. Whatever you get beyond that is just a plus.

Finally, it doesn’t really matter whether you get yourself a bubble making-machine or not. For us, it makes sense, since we drink a lot of carbonated drinks but even if you choose not to get one, you can still reduce your plastic footprint by choosing drinks that come in more sustainable packages.  It might feel like a small step but it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless.


Note: I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands mentioned above and I do not profit from any purchase you might make. These are simply my thoughts on a topic that matters to me.