Reducing waste at home: disposable razors vs reusable ones

Ever wonder what happens to all those disposable razor blades you throw away every year? Well, chances are, they end up in landfill. If, like me, you care about the environment and are trying to have a positive impact by reducing the amount of waste you create, then this article is for you!

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Opinion: Woolworths/Coles banning the bag is good but not good enough.

If you are reading this post then you are likely to be part of those among this Earth who are – somewhere, somehow – fighting climate change and the destruction of our beautiful planet. And if so, then you are probably up to speed on the nefarious impact of plastic in our ecosystems, particularly our Oceans.

On Friday, Coles and Woolworths the two biggest retailers in Australia, announced they will phase out single use plastic bags by 2018. This is certainly a victory for our Planet but here’s why we can’t dwell on it…

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Review of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

I was in Honolulu on holidays last month and had the opportunity to visit Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. The beach was ranked #1 in 2016 by Dr. Beach and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hawaii with over one million visitors per year.

View of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
This one is going on Instagram #NoFilters

This gorgeous looking beach is home to turtles, seals, fish… and dead coral. After spending a day there, I left questioning what had happened to it over the years… This blog post is about the state of Hanauma Bay today and why I don’t believe the lessons from the past sixty years have been truly acknowledge by those responsible for protecting this unique marine ecosystem. Continue reading “Review of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve”

Update: Petition to ban single use plastic bags in NSW reaches 15,000 signatures

For those of you who missed one of my previous posts, there’s a petition at to ban single use plastic bags in NSW. It has now reached 15,000 signatures! If you still aren’t sure on why this is a big deal, you can read some more on the topic here.

This is fantastic news! If you have a minute today, please consider signing the petition and sharing it on social media.