Soundtracks are Underrated – Volume 2 – Braveheart

Greetings! Salute! Ola! Welcome to Volume 2 of “Soundtracks are Underrated”, a column where we talk about soundtracks and why they are awesome!

This week we have one heck of a good one coming up! Get those bagpipes ready. Put on your kilts! Bring out your best Mel Gibson impersonation. It’s Braveheart time.

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Don’t Be What They Made You

This review contains SPOILERS. If you have not seen “Logan”, it is recommended that you do not read this post.

The first few minutes of Logan will set the tone for the entire film. Logan is brutal. That brutality will often be present through violence; yet, the most brutal scenes will occur during moments of peace. The blows will feel as physical as they feel emotional and Logan absolutely does not hold back on either.

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Soundtracks are Underrated – Volume 1 – AMY

Welcome to the first volume of “Soundtracks are Underrated”, a column dedicated to highlight the coolest, funkiest, grooviest, moodiest, most awesome soundtracks out there!

To kick things off on a high, our first Soundtrack is going to be AMY from the kind-of-just-about-OK 2015 documentary about Amy Winehouse.

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