Opinion: Woolworths/Coles banning the bag is good but not good enough.

If you are reading this post then you are likely to be part of those among this Earth who are – somewhere, somehow – fighting climate change and the destruction of our beautiful planet. And if so, then you are probably up to speed on the nefarious impact of plastic in our ecosystems, particularly our Oceans.

On Friday, Coles and Woolworths the two biggest retailers in Australia, announced they will phase out single use plastic bags by 2018. This is certainly a victory for our Planet but here’s why we can’t dwell on it…

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Soundtracks are Underrated – Volume 6 – Argo

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Welcome to Soundtracks are Underrated, a column where this blogger of yours reiterates his love of soundtracks and writes about the many things that make them elevate a movie. This week I travel to Iran – without ever leaving my desk -to review no other than Argo.

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